To better help our loyal customers we have listed below the most commonly asked questions relating
to mechanical repairs and servicing, as well as the parts and products that we use here at TYD Automotive Services.
What Type of Oil Do You Use?

TYD Automotive Services uses Penrite oil line of products. We use mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils, depending on what we deem fit for the specification of your automobile.

Why Do My Car Brakes Squeek?

This is one of the most common car problems that an owner encounters. Most of the time, squeeks are caused by brake pads dust and debris that the wheel accumulates while driving. Here at TYD Automotive Services, we check if the cause of the squeek is a cause of concern, or if it is a frequent occurrence – then we take action.

What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

A Check Engine Light is another common issue that an owner experiences. Although many disregard this warning, it’s actually best to have one of our trusted mechanics to check what the cause of it is. Whether it’s just a faulty sensor, or a full-blown problem, bring it into the shop and let’s get it checked.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Required?

Preventative maintenance on your vehicle is required and highly recommended simply to keep your car running at its best, and to avoid major issues in the long run. Our preventative maintenance process ensures that your car will be dependable, safer and lasts longer, as it may undergo the following procedures:

Tune-up and spark-plug replacement
Oil change using Penrite Oil products
Battery checkup/replacement
Wheel alignment
Cabin filter replacement
Brake pad replacement
Exhaust Sytem inspection
Automotive Electronics checking

Will Bringing my Car to Your Shop Void its Factory Warranty?

NO. You can bring your car to TYD Automotive Service - without voiding its warranty. Apart from a few exceptions, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ensures that your car can be serviced at other shops, without voiding your warranty to your dealer.

The ACCC ensures that a dealer cannot require you to service your vehicle through an authorised dealer - just to keep your warranty intact, as long as you do it in accordance to the warranty's requirement (for example: not using unauthorized third-party parts.)